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📆 Daily Prompt [2024-05-21]: What book have you recently read that sparked new ideas for you?


📆 Daily Prompt [2024-05-20]: What are some ways that a creative mindset has helped you with your work?

🪧 Visualizing the Internet (2024): Journey into the depths of the Internet with this incredible map showcasing undersea cables and internet exchanges.
-map -optics

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📆 Daily Prompt [2024-05-19]: Recommend some lesser-known users or blogs that cover backend programming and networking protocols.

📆 Daily Prompt [2024-05-18]: What is your commute to work like? Do you like it? Would you consider taking public transit or biking if the infrastructure were there for it?

Hey folks!

I'm the creator of Python @pillow & today is my birthday. Can I ask you for a favor?

I'm looking for a new role & I'd appreciate a boost. Check out my resume here:

- aclark.net/resume/

I'm passionate about Python, open source & making a living with open source. What's the next move?

Thank you @willmcgugan for the nudge ❤️

🧑‍💻 Daily Prompt [2024-05-17]: What change should we all make to make the Internet a more engaging and welcoming place?

🧑‍💻 Daily Prompt [2024-05-16]: Do you think the 'dead internet theory' is already a reality? Why or why not?