Tech Stack

Here I will cover the larger components the tech stack for this website. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible.


Hugo is my static website generator of choice. Mostly because the installation is so smooth (because it's built in Go) and the templating syntax is already familiar to me, because Go. In the past few months I've gotten very familiar with how to use Hugo to extend functionality. It works surprisingly well. Some things could be easier, but so far it has been as flexible as I've wanted it to be.


pagefind is a search index that was super easy to add to my hugo site. It required very little on my part to set up and doesn't require an external service to work, so it got my vote. See the search page here.


I host the source code on Github at sudorandom/kmcd. Not much to say here.

 Cloudflare Pages

I used to use Github Pages, but recently switched to Cloudflare Pages. It has been going pretty good hosting it at Cloudflare. Github Pages had a lot of limitations that Cloudflare Pages doesn't have.

 Visual Studio Code

I use vscode for my primary editor. I've had many different editors over the years, from notepad, notepad++, Netbeans, Eclipse, BBEdit, Text Wrangler, Geany, Textmate, Sublime Text 2/3, vim, neovim, Atom. Wow, now that I'm listing these, this seems crazy... But for now I've settled on vscode, mostly because it's what most of my collegues have used so it was just easier to help others if we aligned. I still use vim for editing files on servers and sometimes locally when my muscle memory takes over.


 Google Pixel 8

 MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020)

 Synology DS923+

 Samsung G5 Odyssey

 Steamdeck (LCD)